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Kafka Migration for Satellite Event Streaming Data

ASRC Federal created the Mission Operator Assist (MOA) tool to extend human capabilities through AI/ML for NOAA. MOA ingests system log data from on-orbit satellite constellations and applies machine learning to greatly improve real-time situational awareness. MOA uses a collection of tools, including Kafka for multi-subscriber communications, all hosted through AWS Cloud Services and Kubernetes Containers for microservices. Like many traditional on-premises systems, satellite ground station operations are undergoing a renaissance as they increasingly become enabled by cloud.

During this session, the audience will learn about the satellite communications chain, and best practices and lessons learned in creating a data pipeline with Kafka for high throughput and scalability while displaying high quality situational awareness to mission operators. We will discuss our goals centered around establishing event-driven streaming for satellite logs so our machine learning becomes real-time and supporting a multi-subscriber approach for various Kafka topics. Listeners will also learn how a multi-subscriber approach using Kafka, helped us auto scale logstash based on how many messages are in the queue and other microservices.


Eric Velte

Eric Velte is the Chief Technical Officer of ASRC Federal, an Alaskan company that specializes in satellite operations, software, engineering, and IT modernization. A software developer by trade, Eric has a passion for product development, leading development of products such as ASRC Federal’s Tac-Lambda AI platform, and has led a number of development teams in the DOD space for the U.S. Navy Aegis program, and the KIAC software development and data center operations team at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.