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Fan-out, Fan-in & the Multiplexer: Replication Recipes for Global Platform Distribution

« Kafka Summit Americas 2021

This session will dive into our most successful (and unsuccessful!) multi-cluster event replication patterns.

An x-ray of the cross cluster distribution model that powers our globally distributed APIs will touch on the benefits that this model has provided in terms of client API experience, delivery agility and developer experience.

We will focus on recipes for effective use of Mirror Maker event replication to power platform distribution including the challenges of managing a 'fan in' event replication workflow - pulling events created in satellite clusters back to a mothership cluster for processing.

We will introduce the elegant technique of replication event multiplexing - which can be used to simplify the burden of managing a 'fan-in' replication topology by eliminating regional awareness from the application domain and improving replication health monitoring & observability.

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