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Demystifying Apache Kafka, Once and For All

In this talk, I would like to facilitate the on-boarding process for anyone starting with Kafka and help to destroy (yeah, destroy!) any barriers preconceived in our minds about Kafka.

Using simple and plain terms, I would explain the main concepts of Kafka and answer questions that I am used to getting, like: “Can you explain to me what Kafka is, like if I were 5 years old?”, “Is a Topic a queue?”, “How do we know how many partitions do we need for this?”, “Should we mix events coming from different sources into the same topic?”, and my favorite one: “Why is Kafka so difficult?”.

I want to share some tips that might sound obvious but they are not for everyone, especially if you are new to Kafka. I would like to guide the newcomers through the main Kafka components and how they are related to each other without leaving them with more questions than answers.


Jonathan Santilli