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Creating a Kafka Topic. Super Easy?

Making developers productive on Kafka requires giving self-service access. But even something as seemingly straightforward as Topic creation is not so easy, and in some cases can lead to catastrophe.

In this talk, we’ll share and demonstrate different approaches for developers to safely create Kafka Topics whilst sharing a few war stories of what can go wrong along the way.


Andrew Stevenson
Marios Andreopoulos

Marios is an Ops mastermind, leading his team of engineers and Lenses customers to get the most out of their streaming data and applications. As the Head of Engineering Operations at Lenses.io from day one, Marios has fueled the development of Lenses from a set of open-source tooling to a full enterprise DataOps experience for Kafka. Here he shares stories from the trenches of Topic creation, including common mistakes and valuable lessons learned.