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Kakao Games Uses Confluent to Track In-Game Abuse in Real Time

We had no technologies to replace or augment because we’d never used event streaming technology before. Some of our members from different groups had experience handling Apache Kafka, but they weren’t part of the bigger project to build a data streaming platform. Confluent had an ability to immediately offer enterprise-level support and that’s why we decided to team up with them.

Eugene Lee | Director of Infrastructure Division
Kakao Games


Build a pipeline that standardizes real-time game log data across various gaming studios for better analysis to track in-game abuse, accelerate time to market, and ultimately enrich the gaming experience.


Confluent Platform for rapid event stream processing and richer gaming experiences powered by data in motion.


  • Real-time data tracking and analysis
  • Faster time to market
  • Increase in active users and revenue thanks to a better gaming experience

Kakao Games is a South Korea-based video game publisher specializing in games across a wide array of genres for PC, mobile, and VR platforms. As both a publisher and developer, Kakao Games continually secures a diverse range of gaming content and IP. One of Kakao Games’ most highly prioritized initiatives is to standardize its current publishing business, but this has proven to be a challenge because they offer outsourced games purchased via third-party game studios, and each game has its own unique log with its own standard. To solve this issue, Kakao Games began to look into Confluent and other solutions as a technological foundation for an event streaming platform that could support game log standardization projects. After evaluating several options, including Pulsar and Amazon, they chose Confluent Platform because of its ease of use and also because they knew they could get it up and running quickly to create an agile stream processing platform that could support a broad portfolio of games.

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