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SunPower Enables Greater Independence and a Modern Customer Engagement Strategy with Confluent

SunPower is a leading residential and commercial renewable energy company with 286,000 monitored systems and over 6 million monitored devices in the United States. SunPower is building differentiation by creating a software offering for consumers that pairs with their SunPower Equinox® solar and SunVault™ storage systems to give consumers rich access to their own energy usage data, the ability to control their SunVault™ system, and allow SunPower to optimize its own service and offering. However, this requires SunPower to collect, aggregate, and provide access to real-time data from 6 million devices, a significant challenge and well beyond the capabilities of its legacy system. SunPower wanted to utilize the vast amount of data it generated on energy usage across its existing fleet to build more efficient products, make data more accessible and actionable by different parts of the business, and offer customers a more instantaneous energy management experience.

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