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Humana Uses Event Streaming to Improve Real-Time Interoperability at the Point of Care

"How do we transition from being an insurance company with elements of health, to truly a healthcare company with elements of insurance?" This is the question posed and answered by Levi Bailey, Associate Vice President, Cloud Architecture, Humana, in a presentation he gave at Kafka Summit 2020.

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Humana is at the forefront of an industry-wide effort to raise health outcomes and create the best possible patient experience while keeping costs in check through improved interoperability: customers, providers, and plans communicating and exchanging data in a seamless way. Investing in interoperability gives Humana an opportunity to contribute to leading outcomes in healthcare. Since interoperability is essentially about data exchange, to be a leader in this space, Humana has to be fully event-driven.

This is a journey the company has taken with Apache Kafka® and Confluent, which power the interoperability platforms at the heart of the company’s digital transformation. The system Humana is building is cloud resilient and scalable, capable of consuming data as events occur. As Bailey says, "Event-driven solutions are really the only way you can truly impact customer experience."

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Levi Bailey

Associate Vice President, Cloud Architecture

When we think of a better healthcare ecosystem, we really need to think about the opportunity to exchange data in a seamless way, where all participants can freely integrate that data to help drive the outcomes and the experience within their organizations.


Humana uses Azure and Kafka to make healthcare less frustrating for doctors and patients

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