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Meeting the Culture of Now with Data in Motion

Data in Motion Tour

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Our modern society has moved to a culture of immediacy. The most successful organizations embrace this new reality and are utilizing data in new ways to inform decisions and communications. Data is the currency that separates success from failure, whether that’s providing personalized recommendations for products and services, automatically routing requests to the best available agent, pushing the latest information to security professionals and people in the field when they need it, and lots more. 

This year’s Data in Motion conference in Washington, D.C., on March 30, is focused on helping organizations succeed in the data streaming era. To launch into this new era of data in motion, we’ll look at how we got here. We’ll examine the creation of Apache Kafka®, the open source distributed event streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day in use across industry and government, and detail how organizations should evolve their use of Kafka to meet the need for speed. 

The event will feature:

  • Keynote speaker Joe Foster, Cloud Computing Program Manager, NASA discussing NASA’s data challenges and detailing why he wanted to be Confluent’s FedRamp sponsor

  • A Women in Data” panel moderated by Confluent’s CMO, Stephanie Buscemi, and featuring remarkable women leaders including: 

    • Andi Fehl, Assistant Program Manager, DCO Tools with the US Army

    • Monica McEwen, Managing Director with Deloitte

    • Trang Tran, Deputy Chief Data Officer with US Customs and Border Protection

    • Vanessa Burckard, Enterprise Architect with Social Security Administration 

    • and others detailing their career progression and aspirations, their contributions to their organization’s data initiatives, and their perspective on the future of women in technology 

  • Workshops that provide hands-on demos and details on how to build streaming data pipelines for the public sector as well as use cases on how Confluent works with a smart edge, data mesh, and cybersecurity initiatives

At the end of the event, you’ll feel confident that moving to Confluent will future-proof your organization and drive true value in your missions. Register today!

  • In his current position, Mr. LaForest works with customers across a broad spectrum of industries and government enabling them to realize the benefits of a data in motion and event driven architecture. He is passionate about innovation in data technology and has spent 26 years helping customers wrangle data at massive scale. His technical career spans diverse areas from software engineering, NoSQL, data science, cloud computing, machine learning, and building statistical visualization software but began with code slinging at DARPA as a teenager. Mr. LaForest holds degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of Virginia.

Data in Motion Tour

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