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Confluent Delivers Upgrades to Clients, The streams API in Kafka, Brokers and Apache Kafka™

Last November, we released Confluent 3.1, with new connectors, clients, and Enterprise features. Today, we’re pleased to announce Confluent 3.1.2, a patch release which incorporates the latest stable version of Apache Kafka,

The release fixes a total of 30 issues, out of which 24 are bug fixes and 6 are general improvements. We recommend all users upgrade to this release by bumping up the version of your Kafka dependencies to (Confluent users: in your applications and updating the binary installations on server machines.

Here’s a quick overview of the most notable fixes in this release, grouped by the affected component. For a full list of Kafka-related improvements for this release, see the Apache Kafka release notes.


KAFKA-4497: log cleaner breaks on timeindex

KAFKA-4313: ISRs may thrash when replication quota is enabled

KAFKA-4529: tombstone may be removed earlier than it should

KAFKA-4472: offsetRetentionMs miscalculated in GroupCoordinator

KAFKA-4384: ReplicaFetcherThread stopped after ReplicaFetcherThread received a corrupted message

KAFKA-4205: NullPointerException in fetchOffsetsBefore

The streams API in Kafka

KAFKA-4361: Streams does not respect user configs for “default” params

KAFKA-4355: StreamThread intermittently dies with “Topic not found during partition assignment” when broker restarted

KAFKA-4331: The streams API resetter is slow because it joins the same group for each topic

KAFKA-4311: Multi-layer cache eviction causes forwarding to incorrect ProcessorNode

KAFKA-4302: Simplify KTableSource


KAFKA-3994: Deadlock between consumer heartbeat expiration and offset commit.

KAFKA-4469: Consumer throughput regression caused by inefficient list removal and copy

KAFKA-4362: Consumer can fail after reassignment of the offsets topic partition

General Improvements

KAFKA-4438: BACKPORT – Add scala 2.12 support


According to git shortlog, 21 people contributed to this release:

Alexey Ozeritsky, Anton Karamanov, Ben Stopford, Bernard Leach, Bill Bejeck, Damian Guy, Dan Norwood, Eno Thereska, Ewen Cheslack-Postava, Guozhang Wang, Jason Gustafson, Jiangjie Qin, Jun He, Jun Rao, Kim Christensen, Manikumar Reddy O, Matthias J. Sax, Mayuresh Gharat, Rajini Sivaram, Sumant Tambe, and Vahid Hashemian.

How do I get Apache Kafka

The easiest way to get started with or upgrade Kafka is by downloading Confluent. The 3.1.2 release of Confluent includes Apache Kafka along with tools that you need to get started with Kafka. Learn more about it by reading the details in the Confluent 3.1.2 documentation or download it to give it a spin.

Confluent 3.1.2 is backed by our subscription support, and we also offer expert training and technical consulting to help get your organization started.

As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please post your questions and suggestions to the public Confluent mailing list.

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