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Featured Partner: is-land systems

Real-Time Credit Limit Automation

Every month, a significant number of transactions are unsuccessful due to customers exceeding their credit limits. Discover how is-land Systems and Confluent’s data streaming platform help to reduce unsuccessful transactions and deliver a better customer experience.

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Enhance Customer Experience and Reduce Churn

The analysis of monthly data warehouse reports reveals that certain customers with positive credit histories are eligible for an immediate increase in their credit limits. However, due to constraints within the current data infrastructure, calculating consumer spending and credit limits in real time is not feasible.

is-land Systems offers a solution that facilitates real-time communication and interaction with events by harnessing the value of real-time data. This capability allows for the immediate calculation of consumer spending and credit limits, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Benefits of the solution:

Real-Time Transactions and Analysis

Transform CDC data using KStreams to prepare it for subsequent analysis, calculate the customer's monthly spending, and determine if it has reached 70% of the limit threshold.

Real-Time Connections with Customers

The credit limit model determines the new credit limit and writes the data back into Confluent, and a consumer application will send an SMS notification to customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Accelerating enterprise innovation to enhance customer experiences and reduce customer churn.

Build with Confluent

This use case leverages the following building blocks in Confluent Cloud:

Streaming Architecture

Data Architecture

Streaming Architecture

Connect to Data Sources

Fully managed Debezium connector is used to capture real-time data from PostgreSQL and fully managed custom connector is used to integrate with credit card systems.

Stream Processing

Join, enrich and aggregate data in real time to update credit limits for eligible customers.

Customer Notifications

Customers will be notified with changes to their credit limit.


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