How to use events, streams, and real time data to your advantage

How to use events, streams, and real time data to your advantage

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October 31, 2018
11:00am - 1:00pm

1st Floor Conference Room
6175 S Willow Dr.
Greenwood Village

There is a major shift happening in how data powers the core of a company's business. Businesses operate in real time and the software they use is catching up. Rather than processing data only at the end of the day, why not react to it continuously as the data arrives? This is the emerging world of stream processing. Apache Kafka was built with the vision to become the central nervous system that makes data available in real-time to all the applications that need to use it.

This presentation will focus on Kafka as an event streaming platform. Then dive into practical examples of two real world use cases including companies who transitioned from batch to event-oriented architectures resulting in significantly improved speed and agility.

  • Why Kafka?
  • How might faster data sharing benefit your team?
  • Perform quick queries and explore for faster customer insights
  • Charter’s Kafka use cases (Brad Eastman)


This event is perfect for Charter Communication associates interested in Kafka for Events Streaming and Processing.

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