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White Paper

Build an Integrated Trading Ecosystem with Data in Motion

Trading businesses are at risk of losing market share to fintech startups that are building innovative software products with rich, frontend experiences. In order to remain competitive, trading businesses must develop real-time software applications that delight users and increase the efficiency of backend operations. This is not possible without timely access to the data that powers these applications, and many trading teams still do not have access to the data they need, when they need it. Critical business data is scattered across siloed systems and multiple lines of business.

Confluent’s platform for data in motion unifies these silos and sets data in motion across an organization. This empowers developers to build the kinds of real-time applications that make their organizations more competitive and more efficient. To learn how you can build an integrated trading ecosystem with data in motion, download this free white paper, which covers:

  • Data in motion use cases for financial services
  • How a data in motion platform unifies siloed systems and applications for trading businesses
  • Stream processing for trading
  • How connectors sync systems and create streaming data pipelines
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments for financial services
  • Confluent trading customer use cases and benefits

All 10 of the top 10 U.S. banks partner with Confluent to set their data in motion. Read this white paper to learn why they do this and how you can too.

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Additional Resources

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