Retailers Improve Their Topline and Bottom Line by Harnessing Data in Motion

The heightened expectations of your consumers are forcing a radical evolution in retail. It’s no longer enough to understand a basic demographic. You must be responsive to individual customer’s desires and give them what they want in the moment they’re primed to buy, whatever channel they happen to be on.

Ventana Research finds that more than nine in ten organizations place a high priority on speeding the flow of data across their business and improving the responsiveness of their organizations. This is where Confluent comes in. Even if you’re still using legacy technologies such as mainframes, Confluent helps unlock this data to set it into motion to build rich digital front-end customer experiences and transition to real-time software-driven backend operations. With data in motion, you can:

  • Boost sales via personalized interactions with a 360° view of customers
  • Provide real-time information about inventory and pricing across your offline and online channels
  • Plan, forecast, and order just-in-time inventory while optimizing warehouse and fulfillment costs associated with stocking top sellers and slow-moving stock
  • Create omnichannel experiences by unifying your customer experiences across in-store, web, mobile, and social channels

If you want details on how retailers like you are transforming operations using Confluent, download this free report from Ventana Research.

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