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One Year In – Lessons Learned and Plans for the Future

To improve on the speed of benefits and services delivered at the Veterans Affairs (VA), we implemented Kafka last year with a few products in production.

In our talk, we will talk through some of the challenges and lessons learned from adopting an event driven architecture; upskilling the teams on the new technology and way of thinking; keeping up with demand for on-boarding and supporting new products adopting Kafka and how we believe Kafka will best support the BAM portfolio in delivering benefits with the increase in demand due to PACT act and other VA initiatives. Working with the VA Benefits and Memorial Services (VA BAM) portfolio’s business team, we were able to identify and map out over 100 critical data and events required for the processing of benefits and since then the list keeps growing. Our multi-phased approach to delivering the base streams and providing self-service capabilities to our tenants through KSQL or our Stream Processing Framework will help deliver the data before its required and keep up with the rapid pace of change.

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