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The Top Data Streaming Use Cases for Retail

2024 allows retailers to leverage new technologies to provide customers with a more personalised, efficient, and seamless shopping experience and optimise business operations to drive profit. Making the right technology investments and data strategy choices will enable success in a challenging financial environment. Deploying a data streaming platform throughout your business allows a wide range of use cases that address some of the most challenging business objectives of 2024.

Join the Confluent team for a webinar that delves into the most impactful data streaming use cases, leaving you clear on the value these can deliver to your business and how to get started with deploying a data streaming platform.

By watching, you will learn how a data streaming platform can enable the following:

  • Last Mile Delivery: Discover how real-time data can enable retailers to optimise their last-mile delivery operations, reducing delivery times, improving efficiency, and providing a more personalised and convenient delivery experience.
  • Customer Personalisation: Real-time data can enable retailers to provide a more personalised and relevant shopping experience for customers, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty and ultimately driving sales.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: A data streaming platform can enable retailers to optimise their supply chain and logistics operations, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and ensuring that products are delivered to customers on time.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Use real-time data to enable retailers to implement dynamic pricing strategies responsive to changes in customer demand, competition, inventory levels, and customer behaviour and preferences.
  • AI and Analytics: Discover how to train ML models with real-time data that is constantly streaming so your applications can act on every event with context and intelligence.

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Additional Resources

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