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Simplifying Event-Driven Architectures with Confluent and AWS Lambda

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Enterprises often opt for serverless architectures when seeking to expedite the development of their digital native applications and for valid reasons. The self-serve provisioning, elastic scaling capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and built-in security features inherent in serverless architectures empower developers to allocate more time toward actual application development rather than managing infrastructure.

Also, a serverless architecture helps development teams gain simplified resource provisioning, automatic scalability based on demand, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Join this webinar to learn how Confluent’s cloud-native, serverless solution powered by Apache Kafka and AWS Lambda frees development teams to focus on their core tasks, enhance productivity, and bring products to market faster.

Attendees will learn about how to:

  • Make real-time data streams a first class citizen with Confluent
  • How an organization’s event driven architecture seamlessly scales using serverless compute from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and serverless Kafka from Confluent
  • Integrate AWS Lambda with Confluent using two different architectural patterns
  • Leverage Confluent’s robust connector ecosystem and AWS Lambda to build apps faster with a no-code approach to legacy data integration.

Joseph Morais started early in his career as a network/solution engineer working for FMC Corporation and then Urban Outfitters (UO). At UO, Joseph joined the e-commerce operations team, focusing on agile methodology, CI/CD, containerization, public cloud architecture, and infrastructure as code. This led to a greenfield AWS opportunity working for a startup, Amino Payments, where he worked heavily with Kafka, Apache Hadoop, NGINX, and automation. Before joining Confluent, Joseph helped AWS enterprise customers scale through their cloud journey as a senior technical account manager. At Confluent, Joseph serves as cloud partner solutions architect and Confluent Cloud evangelist.

Adam is a Principal Serverless Solutions Architect at AWS based in Boston, MA. He joined AWS in 2014 and since then has worked with many different customers including startups, ISV partners, and large Enterprises. Adam enjoys all things serverless but is particularly passionate about event-driven architectures and processing streaming data with Lambda. Outside of work, Adam is normally mountain biking, climbing, or having some other sort of outdoor adventure with his family.

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