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Show Me How: Trusted Shared Services

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In this hands-on session we’ll show you how to enable safe and secure data sharing across teams by building a trusted shared services data streaming platform with Confluent Cloud.

The demo shows how an organization can enable trusted shared services through:

  • OAuth 2.0
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Cloud Client Quotas

Trust is a focal key for Confluent when it comes to shared services. Confluent helps businesses designate proper roles and usage limits throughout their teams, especially large ones, to allow safe and efficient data sharing. With our new authorization capabilities provided by OAuth and RBAC as well as usage limits via Confluent Cloud Client Quotas, centralized platform teams can now minimize operational burden and optimize costs by enabling data streaming apps to run side by side in a safe and secure way.

Register now to learn how to use Confluent OAuth 2.0, RBAC, and Cloud Client Quotas to enable your existing trusted shared services.

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Philip Wang

Technical Product Marketing Manager, Confluent

Philip is a technical marketing manager at Confluent, responsible for building technical demos for the company's quarterly product launches, conducting in-depth Show-Me-How feature walkthroughs, and managing demo stations at corporate events.

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Additional Resources

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Additional Resources

cc demo
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