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Real-time Cyber Defence with a Streaming SIEM

Move from Batch to Real-time at Stream Scale

The growing diversity, velocity and exponential volume of security data have rendered legacy Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies incapable of dealing with the current requirements of Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

SIEM is driven by three factors - scale, speed and cost. By making data streaming the entry point for your cyber data, and move the threat detection to the left you can look for threats in real-time. Pre-processing the data to enrich events brings enhanced speed of detection and resolution.

Watch this session and you will learn how to deploy the next-generation SIEMs, based on Confluent Cloud on the Quix Cloud streaming platform. Using Sigma, a generic and open signature format allows us to describe relevant log events in a straightforward manner to alert administrators in real-time as we attempt a break and enter attack.

This talk is aimed at helping non-security technologists/developers discover how capturing machine data in all infrastructure locations can be processed with ease to increase security awareness, improve security incident management and push back against consumption based pricing.


Alex Stuart

Senior Solutions Engineer

Alex Stuart is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Confluent, guiding digital-native businesses across Europe on their path to adopting data in motion. His passion for fintech and analytics comes from previous roles at Experian and Splunk. He’s “in motion” outside of work too: as a running community leader and a keen globetrotter at 52 countries and counting.

Sion Smith


I'm Sion, Head of Technology at OSO, a cloud professional services company I co-founded in 2017. I was a Java developer for 10 years, before moving into cloud technologies and distributed applications in 2011. I have been a consultant for the last 15 years, helping a range of clients solve complex problems with various cloud and programming technologies.

A couple of interesting facts about me: I cycled across Central America, tackling 800km in just 7 days to raise money for MacMillian Cancer Support. And my claim to fame is having over 300k views on my crypto YouTube.

Tun Shwe

VP of Data

Tun Shwe is the VP of Data at Quix, where he leads data strategy and developer relations. He is focused on helping companies imagine and execute their strategic data vision with stream processing at the forefront. He was previously a Head of Data and a Data Engineer at high growth startups and has spent his career leading teams in developing data-intensive applications. In his spare time, Tun goes surfing, plays guitar and tends to his analogue cameras.

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