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Open Standards for Data Lineage

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An Industry Expert Panel, brought to you by Accenture & Confluent

One of the greatest wishes of companies around the world is end-to-end visibility into their analytics & their reporting workflow. Where do these data come from? Where do they go? Whom am I giving access to? How can I track data quality issues? What’s the impact of the latest deployment? The capability to follow the data flow to answer these questions is called data lineage.

Multiple platforms now offer data lineage, within their data governance tools. But they only work for the technology in which they are created. Cross-platform data lineage is still a great challenge because different technologies cannot talk to each other effectively.

How can we solve this problem?

Recently, the standard proposal Open Lineage has gained strong adoption. Could an open standard revolutionise analytics like TCP/IP did for networks? Global experts discuss. Don't miss out!


  • Moderation: Luigi Scorzato, Lead of Data Streaming, Accenture
  • Kai Waehner, Global Field CTO, Confluent
  • Julien Le Dem, Founder, Open Lineage
  • Sheeri Cabral, Product Manager Lineage, Collibra
  • Jens Pfau, Engineering Manager for Dataplex Lineage Google
  • Ernie Ostic, Chief Evangelist, IBM/Mantra
  • Mandy Chessell, Egeria Projec Lead & Founder, IBM/Egeria
  • Austin Kronz, Director of Data Strategy, Atlan

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