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Modernize your database with Amazon Aurora and Confluent

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On-prem databases are slow and rigid, costing businesses money in both upfront and ongoing maintenance costs. That limits the speed at which businesses can scale, experiment, and drive innovation. Today’s organizations need scalable, cloud-native databases for improved agility, elasticity, and cost-efficiency. However, migrating and modernizing your database can be a long journey that spans multiple teams and batch-based tools. It's highly complex and resource-intensive to load and transform data with low latency. However, modernizing your database doesn’t have to be this much of a headache.

In this demo, we’ll walk through how you can start building a persistent pipeline for continuous migration from a legacy database to a modern, cloud database. You’ll see how to use Confluent and Amazon Aurora to create a bridge across your Amazon cloud and on-prem environments.

You can expect to learn how to:

  • Quickly deploy a Kafka cluster and load it with sample data
  • Easily process, merge, and enrich your data using fully managed ksqlDB
  • Leverage fully managed connectors to quickly build complete data pipelines for your real-time apps


Joseph Morais

AWS Evangelist, Staff Partner SA, Confluent

Joseph Morais started early in his career as a network/solution engineer working for FMC Corporation and then Urban Outfitters (UO). At UO, Joseph joined the e-commerce operations team, focusing on agile methodology, CI/CD, containerization, public cloud architecture, and infrastructure as code. This led to a greenfield AWS opportunity working for a startup, Amino Payments, where he worked heavily with Kafka, Apache Hadoop, NGINX, and automation. Before joining Confluent, Joseph helped AWS enterprise customers scale through their cloud journey as a senior technical account manager. At Confluent, Joseph serves as cloud partner solutions architect and Confluent Cloud evangelist.

Aditya Samant

Sr. DB Specialist Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Aditya Samant is a relational database industry veteran with over 2 decades of experience working with commercial and open-source databases. Over the years, he has held many roles, including database consultant, professional support, DBA and database architect. He currently works at Amazon Web Services as a Sr. Database Specialist Solutions Architect. In his current role, he spends his time working with customer designing scalable, secure and robust cloud native architectures. Aditya also helps service teams with design and delivery of the groundbreaking features for Amazon’s flagship relational database, Amazon Aurora.

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