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Migrate and Modernize Your Data Warehouse with Confluent and Databricks

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Moving and building in the cloud to accelerate analytics development requires enterprises to rethink their data infrastructure. Whether you are moving from an on-prem legacy system or you were born in the cloud, businesses are turning to Confluent and Databricks to help them unlock new real-time customer experiences and intelligence for their backend operations.

Join us for this webinar to see how Confluent and Databricks enable companies to set data in motion across any system, at any scale, in near real-time. Connecting Confluent with Databricks allows companies to migrate and connect data from on-prem databases and data warehouses like Netezza, Oracle, and Cloudera to Databricks in the cloud to power real-time analytics.

During the webinar you will learn about:

  • Key changes happening in the data infrastructure market
  • How companies are connecting on-prem and multicloud data to Databricks with Confluent to power new analytics and applications
  • See a demo of how Databricks and Confluent work together to help solve the needs of a financial service company


TJ Laher

Sr. Director of Product and Partner Marketing.

TJ Laher is the Senior Director of Product and Partner Marketing focused on working with Confluent’s partner ecosystem. He helps customers better understand how Confluent’s product and solution portfolio fits in with the partner ecosystem. Prior to Confluent, TJ held a variety of product marketing roles at Google Cloud, Primer.ai, and Cloudera.

Paul Earsy

Staff Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Paul Earsy is a staff solutions engineer on Confluent’s partner engineering team where he works with strategic partners. Prior to joining Confluent, Paul worked for a number of organizations in security and distributed computing.

Prasad Kona

Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Databricks

Prasad helps design and implement solutions that help customers and partners drive quantifiable business value outcomes. He has extensive experience around big data technologies, solution architecture, data engineering, integration and analytics. He also helps customers with implementing data strategies and solution architectures.

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