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Show Me How: Confluent Makes Kappa Architecture a Reality

A Machine Learning Example

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Confluent Infinite Storage allows you to store data in your Kafka cluster indefinitely, opening up new use cases and simplifying your architecture. This hands-on workshop will show you how to achieve real-time and historical processing with a single data streaming platform.

Here’s what to expect in this hands-on workshop:

  • Discuss how Confluent Infinite Storage makes so-called Kappa Architecture a reality
  • Explore and run code that illustrates how to train a model using Confluent as the source of truth for historical data, no longer requiring maintenance of a separate infrastructure
  • See Confluent Cloud’s data quality and governance features in action

Join the workshop and come prepared with your Confluent Cloud and local workstation environments (click here for instructions on how to set these up).

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Additional Resources

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Additional Resources

cc demo
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