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Confluent Cloud 101 Series

Stream Governance - Understanding my streams: Available On-demand Stream Governance - Ensuring stream quality: Available On-demand

In fast-moving businesses companies must quickly integrate Kafka in their workloads to respond to customers in real time. Confluent Cloud is a fully managed data streaming platform available everywhere you need it. Easily deploy a single cloud cluster or a solution that spans multiple cloud providers (multicloud) and on-premises deployments (hybrid). Confluent Cloud provides the essential tools for a complete platform, offering fully managed ksqlDB for stream processing, fully managed Schema Registry, fully managed Connectors, and more.

Developers can focus on building new features and applications, liberated from the operational burden of managing their own Kafka clusters. Join us in these interactive sessions to learn more about Confluent Cloud! You’ll learn about:

Stream Governance - Understanding my streams

  • Explain Stream Governance in the context of Confluent Cloud
  • Understand complex stream relationships in your Confluent Cloud clusters
  • Perform data discovery (schemas, connectors, topics, etc.) to increase productivity and collaboration
  • Tag your schema versions, records, and fields

Stream Governance - Ensuring stream quality

  • Create schemas and plan schema evolution for your data
  • Prevent poisoning your data pipelines
  • Replicate your schemas between Confluent Cloud clusters

We’re excited to see you there!


Borja Hernandez Crespo

Senior Technical Instructor, Confluent

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Additional Resources

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