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How to Expedite Your Microservices Development with Stream Governance

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As your team’s microservices grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of available data across teams, and even more difficult to ensure data compatibility as your system evolves. This was the problem that ACERTUS ran into as they scaled their microservices development.

Data streaming and Apache Kafka® are at the heart of ACERTUS’ real-time data platform. ACERTUS, a leading vehicle logistics platform provider, offers an intelligent approach to vehicle logistics throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle. They handle all movement of vehicles for leading marketplace companies such as TrueCar, Driveway and CarGurus. Given the multiple steps and parties involved from when a vehicle offer is tendered, to when the carrier picks it up, to when it’s registered and delivered, integrating data to and from a variety of data sources and sinks and making it available in real time is critical to their business.

Join this webinar to learn how ACERTUS:

  • Drove faster microservices development and testing timelines with Schema Registry by enabling customers to communicate with Acertus’ systems
  • Created better development practices with streaming data pipelines by unlocking the ability to visualize complex data interactions with Stream Lineage
  • Ensured ease of search and discoverability of their real-time data streams across 4K+ schemas using Stream Catalog

Jeffrey Jonathan Jennings (J3), VP of Data and Integration, will walk us through ACERTUS’ microservices strategy and share best practices for expediting development and testing timelines with governance purpose-built for streaming data and Kafka.

About three years ago, ACERTUS realized they needed a solution to better leverage all of their real-time data, and to enrich the data to feed both downstream and upstream systems. After starting this journey with open source Kafka, J3 and his team turned to Confluent to accelerate their development and adoption of data streaming and “be the glue that connects all our systems.”

Fast-forward to today: not only was ACERTUS successful in migrating to microservices with the help of Confluent, but they have also set the gold standard for data quality, discoverability, and trust—not an easy task when working with real-time data streams.

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