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Fundamentals Workshop: Kafka Streams 101

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A modern, real-time data streaming technology like Apache Kafka® is critical to helping your business respond to customers in real time. It also requires the skill necessary to transform data streams using the Kafka producer and consumer APIs to consume messages, transform them, and then produce them back to the Kafka cluster - all while ensuring that stateful application is fault tolerant. That’s a lot of work to do that doesn’t add value to your business.

That’s where the Kafka Streams API comes in. Kafka Streams transforms your streams of data, be it a stateless transformation like masking personally identifiable information, or a complex stateful operation like aggregating across time windows, or a lookup table.

Join this interactive session to learn more about Kafka Streams, including:

  • Why you should use the Kafka Streams API
  • The tradeoff between using the Kafka client API, Streams API, and ksqlDB
  • The difference between the Kafka Streams DSL API and the Kafka Streams Processor API
  • Stateless and stateful Kafka Streams operations
  • Writing your first Kafka Streams Application


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