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Fundamentals Workshop: Apache Kafka® 101

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Customers expect businesses to respond to both their implicit and explicit cues instantaneously. Gone are the days when a business could run a batch process overnight to analyze customer orders, preferences, app downloads, page views, and clicks. They must now respond in real time. In order to seamlessly analyze and respond, businesses need real-time data streaming deployed across their organization.

Enter: Apache Kafka®. Kafka is a platform used to collect, store, and process streams of data at scale, with numerous use cases.

Watch this interactive session, to learn more about Apache Kafka. You will learn:

  • The basics of Kafka
  • How to set up a fully managed Kafka cluster in the cloud using Confluent Cloud
  • How data can be pushed to and pulled from a Kafka cluster
  • The specifics of the Kafka ecosystem, including:
    • Kafka Connect - a framework that makes it easy to connect other data systems to Kafka
    • Kafka Streams and ksqlDB - each allowing you to process the data in Kafka clusters


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Additional Resources

cc demo
kafka microservices
Image-Event-Driven Microservices-01

Additional Resources

cc demo
kafka microservices