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Extracting value from IoT data with Azure and Confluent Cloud

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Due to explosion of IoT, we have streaming data that needs to be processed in real-time. This needs to be made available for applications as well as analytics scenarios such as anomaly detection. This webinar presents a solution using Confluent Cloud on Azure, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Synapse Analytics which can be connected in a secure way within Azure VNET using Azure Private link configured on Kafka clusters.


Abhishek Gupta

Senior Program Manager

Abhishek is a Senior Program Manager in the Azure Cosmos DB team at Microsoft. Previously, in his role as a Developer Advocate, he worked on Kafka, Databases, Kubernetes and related open-source projects. He is also a Confluent Community Catalyst, loves technical writing and sharing knowledge through blogs, books, etc.

Gianluca Natali

Senior Partner Solution Engineer

Gianluca is partner solution engineer at Confluent, responsible for technical enablement of partners in EMEA. With over 10 years of experience covering different roles (solution engineer, professional services consultant & trainer, and developer) in different countries (Italy, Ireland, and Germany), he has experience across event streaming, big data, business intelligence, and data integration. In his leisure time, he is studying toward his economics degree, reads about tech, plays guitar and enjoys discovering the world again through his daughter’s eyes.

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