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Online Talk

Event Streaming and the Rise of Apache Kafka

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Why Kafka? Why Event Streaming? And who’s Confluent anyway? Are you asking these questions? If so, join us for a quick 25 minutes Online Talk that will walk you through the explanation of these questions from the very beginning.

Event streaming is the digital equivalent of the human body's central nervous system, and Kafka is the technology that powers this nervous system. It is the foundation for the 'always-on' world, where businesses are increasingly software-defined and automated, and where the user of software is more software. Kafka stores, processes, and interconnects everything that’s happening in your business through streams of ‘events’—like payments, orders, signups, and sensor data.

In this Online Talk we will cover the basics of event streaming and the Kafka technology that brings event streaming to life. Beyond the basics, we will share some customer use cases on how they are using Kafka to grow their business and stay ahead of the competition.

In this Online Talk you will learn:

  • The rise of the streaming transformation (companies going digital. real-time)
  • The resulting rise of Kafka as the technology that powers the streaming transformation
  • How streaming relates to other major technology trends like cloud and mobile

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