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Demo: Design Event-Driven Microservices for Cloud

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Separating monolithic applications into integrated yet self-containing microservices streamlines deployment, testing, and maintenance in the cloud. That’s why microservices have become key building blocks for enterprise systems, but they still have their tradeoffs.

With event-driven architectures, organizations can maximize the value of microservices and overcome common operational challenges.

Join this webinar to see how the legacy of traditional implementations still impacts microservice architectures today, as well as:

  • What microservices are and how they work.
  • How traditional implementations limit the potential of microservices.
  • Why event-driven architectures deliver more flexible systems.
  • How Confluent can help your organization implement event-driven microservices.

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Additional Resources

cc demo
kafka microservices
Image-Event-Driven Microservices-01

Additional Resources

cc demo
kafka microservices