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Show Me How - Bring Your Own Connectors to Confluent Cloud

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Connectors integrate Apache Kafka® with external data systems, enabling you to move away from a brittle spaghetti architecture to one that is more streamlined, secure, and future-proof. However, if your team still spends multiple dev cycles building and managing connectors using just open source Kafka Connect, it’s time to consider a faster and cost-effective alternative.

Confluent provides a rich ecosystem of over 70 pre-built and fully managed connectors. To support every organization's unique data architecture, we also have Custom Connectors for connecting to any data system with reduced operational burdens. You can bring your own connector plugins to Confluent Cloud and we’ll manage the underlying Connect infrastructure.

In this upcoming Show Me How session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Offload the operational burdens of self-managing connectors with Confluent’s Custom Connectors when there isn’t a fully managed connector available
  • Upload your connector plugin and provision Custom Connector instances
  • Debug productively using connector and worker-level logs
  • Monitor health and performance metrics of your custom connectors

What are you waiting for? Register now to break any data silo and get away from managing connector infrastructure forever.

Resources GitHub: Show Me How: Bring Your Own Connectors to Confluent Cloud


Philip Wang

Associate Technical Marketing Manager, Confluent

Philip is a technical marketing manager at Confluent, responsible for building technical demos for the company's quarterly product launches, conducting in-depth Show-Me-How feature walkthroughs, and managing demo stations at corporate events.

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