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Confluent Platform Demo – Hybrid Deployment to Confluent Cloud

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Join us for a live, hands-on lab to learn how you can set your data in motion with Confluent. Many organizations have data locked away in their on-premises data center, making it impossible to take full advantage of modern cloud services. In this session, you’ll learn how to stream your on-prem data to the cloud in near real time. Sign up for a free Confluent Cloud account so you can follow along and ask questions from product experts.

Expect to learn how to:

  1. Use Schema Linking and Cluster Linking to export schemas and event data from on-premises Confluent Platform to Confluent Cloud in near real time
  2. Process data mirrored from on-premises using a fully managed cloud service, which in this case is the streaming database known as ksqlDB
  3. Configure Confluent Health+ to monitor Confluent Platform
  4. Leverage Confluent Cloud Metrics API to monitor Confluent Cloud

Upcoming dates:

  • August 10, 2022

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Additional Resources

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