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Learn How to Combat Financial Fraud in Real Time with Confluent and AWS

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Legacy tools and technology can impede a company's ability to detect and respond to threats in real time. To address this challenge, Confluent Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a highly available data streaming platform to help aggregate disparate data and correlate transactions with other historical data patterns to prevent fraud.

Together with AWS, Confluent helps companies harness the right data in real time with ML-enhanced fraud detection. Confluent helps companies combine and process their data at scale to prevent fraud, deliver better customer experiences, lower costs, and reduce risk.

Join this session to learn how to use Confluent Cloud and AWS to combat financial fraud and protect your business. You'll learn:

  • How Confluent helps you source, merge, and enhance disparate data sources into AWS Lambda and other Amazon services, including Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Redshift, and Amazon QuickSight
  • How Confluent acts as a scalable, highly available, low operations, and persistence layer for modern applications and data pipeline
  • How Confluent and AWS remove barriers to using native services, including AI/ML technologies, in conjunction with an event-driven architecture


Weifan Liang

Senior Partner Solutions Architect

Weifan Liang is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS. He works closely with AWS top strategic data analytics software partners to drive product integration, build optimized architecture, develop long-term strategy, and provide thought leadership. Innovating together with partners, Weifan strives to help customers accelerate business outcomes with cloud powered digital transformation.

Joseph Morais

Principal, Partner Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Joseph Morais started early in his career as a network/solution engineer working for FMC Corporation and then Urban Outfitters (UO). At UO, Joseph joined the e-commerce operations team, focusing on agile methodology, CI/CD, containerization, public cloud architecture, and infrastructure as code. This led to a greenfield AWS opportunity working for a startup, Amino Payments, where he worked heavily with Kafka, Apache Hadoop, NGINX, and automation. Before joining Confluent, Joseph helped AWS enterprise customers scale through their cloud journey as a senior technical account manager. At Confluent, Joseph serves as cloud partner solutions architect and Confluent Cloud evangelist.

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