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Building an Event-Driven Architecture? Here’s 5 Ways to Get It Done Right

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To succeed in today’s competitive digital marketplace, businesses are deploying innovative, data-driven strategies to get ahead. For many companies, this means building an event-driven architecture on top of Apache Kafka®, a technology that allows businesses to respond to the world in real time.

But while Kafka has largely been adopted with enthusiasm by developers and architects in businesses worldwide, pitfalls can still arise when using it with event-driven systems. Tune in to discover how you can avoid common mistakes that could set back your event-driven ambitions—and how Confluent’s fully managed platform can help get you where you need to be faster and with less operational headaches. We’ll touch on:

  • How to tell if event-driven architecture is the right choice for you…or not
  • Why databases are still important in an event-driven system
  • Why you should avoid writing bespoke consumers when stream processing is a better fit
  • Why you shouldn’t ignore the role of schema management in an event-driven system
  • When you should prioritize elastic scaling in all parts of your system

Attend this talk and discover exactly what mistakes not to make with event-driven architecture.

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