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Breaking the Monolith: Unlocking the Power of Event-Driven Microservices

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For modern business, software applications are the secret to success. However, current approaches with both monoliths and microservices, including REST APIs and message queues (MQs) for interservice communication, simply aren’t enough to build modern real-time applications. This is where an event-driven architecture (EDA) and event-driven microservices can help.

Join us and we’ll show you how to completely decouple your architecture and eliminate interservice dependencies so you can build business logic faster and leverage a new class of highly scalable event-driven microservices that are resilient in design and contextually aware. In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The challenges with monolithic apps and existing approaches to interservice communication using REST APIs and MQs
  • The rise of event-driven microservices
  • Application modernization by following a demo and use case using a Strangler Fig pattern that includes:
  • Confluent’s fully managed connectors for PostgreSQL CDC Source and PostgreSQL Sink to maintain data consistency during the application modernization process
  • ksqlDB to process data in real time, join different streams of data together, and perform real-time aggregations to detect fraudulent credit card activity
  • The fully managed Elasticsearch Sink connector to load and update the Kibana dashboard in real time to show records flagged by ksqlDB for suspicious activity
  • Customer stories and use cases

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