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Real-time inventory and Real-time replenishment use-cases at Walmart, from a practitioner's perspective

Retailers have quickly come to realize that customer expectations have fundamentally changed. They expect their orders to be fulfilled in real-time, whether through an e-commerce app, a website, or in-store, and regardless of their fulfillment preference.

In order to deliver that seamless experience, retailers require real-time data streaming deployed across their organization. That’s where Apache Kafka® comes in.

During his tenure at Walmart, Suman Pattnaik, Director of Engineering at Walmart has built 2 of the applications that continue to play a critical role in customer satisfaction, using Kafka: real-time inventory and real-time replenishment systems. View what “a day in the life” of Suman looks like and best practices for building real-time use cases in retail.

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Suman Pattnaik

Director of Engineering and Chief Architect/Distinguished, Walmart Global Tech

Bharath Chari

Team Lead, Solutions Marketing, Confluent

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