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5 Data Resolutions for APAC to Take in 2023

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During the pandemic the Asia Pacific region (APAC) fared relatively well compared to its US and European counterparts. But is the pressure of global inflation and the threat of recession finally catching up?

Join us on March 8 as Rita Abdellatifi, Jill Macmurchy and Jade Bowen discuss the top five data resolutions that will make your data work smarter, not harder, this year.

One such resolution is making intelligent investments in technology to ensure operational efficiencies, boost resilience, and fortify long-term growth for your organisation.

From cybersecurity modernisation to breaking the batch data habit, you’ll learn all about the five critical moves to make for your business in 2023.

You won’t want to miss it.


Rita Abdellatifi

Customer Success Lead

Jill Macmurchy

VP of Solutions Engineering APAC

Jade Bowen

Senior Manager Customer Success

Jade Bowen is the Senior Manager for Confluent’s APAC Customer Success Technical Engineering Team. She and her team are responsible for customer success and adoption support as they scale their maturity using Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud. Customer love is at the forefront of every engagement within this team!

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