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Spring Kafka Beyond the Basics - Lessons Learned on our Kafka Journey

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You know the fundamentals of Apache Kafka. You are a Spring Boot developer and working with Apache Kafka. You have chosen Spring Kafka to integrate with Apache Kafka. You implemented your first producer, consumer and maybe some Kafka streams, it's working... Hurray! You are ready to deploy to production what can possibly go wrong? In this talk, Tim will take you on a journey beyond the basics of Spring Kafka and will share his knowledge, pitfalls and lessons learned based on real-life Kafka projects that are running in production for many years at ING Bank in the Netherlands. This deep-dive talk is a balanced combination of code examples, fully working demos and theory behind the lessons learned like: * Survive consuming a poison pill from a Kafka topic without writing gigabytes of log lines and blow up your server's hard drive? * Understand how to deal with exceptions in different cases * Validate incoming data consumed from a Kafka topic. After joining this talk, you will be inspired to bring your Spring Kafka projects to the next level and share some practical tips and tricks with your fellow developer colleagues!

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