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Performance Tuning RocksDB for Kafka Streams' State Stores

RocksDB is the default state store for Kafka Streams. In this talk, we will discuss how to improve single node performance of the state store by tuning RocksDB and how to efficiently identify issues in the setup. We start with a short description of the RocksDB architecture. We discuss how Kafka Streams restores the state stores from Kafka by leveraging RocksDB features for bulk loading of data. We give examples of hand-tuning the RocksDB state stores based on Kafka Streams metrics and RocksDB’s metrics. At the end, we dive into a few RocksDB command line utilities that allow you to debug your setup and dump data from a state store. We illustrate the usage of the utilities with a few real-life use cases. The key takeaway from the session is the ability to understand the internal details of the default state store in Kafka Streams so that engineers can fine-tune their performance for different varieties of workloads and operate the state stores in a more robust manner.


Dhruba Borthakur
Bruno Cadonna