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Migrating from One Cloud Provider to Another (Without Losing Your Data or Your Sanity)

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If you’re considering -- or planning -- a cloud migration, you may be concerned about risks to your data and your mental health. Migrations at scale are fraught with risk. You absolutely can’t lose data, compromise its integrity, or suffer downtime, so you want to be slow and careful. On the other hand, you’re paying two providers for every day the migration goes on, so you need to move as fast as possible.

Unity Technologies accumulates lots of data. We recently moved our data infrastructure as part of a major cloud migration from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

To minimize risk and costs our team used Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform, while engaging Confluent Platform Professional Services to help ensure a speedy and seamless migration. Kafka was already serving as the backbone to our data infrastructure, which handles over half a million events per second, and during the migration it also served as the bridge between AWS and GCP.

Join us at this session to learn about the processes and tools used, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned as we moved our operations and petabytes of data from AWS to GCP with zero downtime.

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