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Can Kafka Handle a Lyft Ride?

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What does a Kafka administrator need to do if they have a user who demands that message delivery be guaranteed, fast, and low cost? In this talk we walk through the architecture we created to deliver for such users. Learn around the alternatives we considered and the pros and cons around what we came up with.

In this talk, we’ll be forced to dive into broker restart and failure scenarios and things we need to do to prevent leader elections from slowing down incoming requests. We’ll need to take care of the consumers as well to ensure that they don’t process the same request twice. We also plan to describe our architecture by showing a demo of simulated requests being produced into Kafka clusters and consumers processing them in lieu of us aggressively causing failures on the Kafka clusters.

We hope the audience walks away with a deeper understanding of what it takes to build robust Kafka clients and how to tune them to accomplish stringent delivery guarantees.

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