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On Demand Demo: Kafka streaming in 10 Minutes on Confluent Cloud

NOTE: This is a short demo to introduce you to Confluent Cloud. If you want more, register for our virtual guided, hands-on workshop, Getting Started with Stream Processing and Confluent Cloud, in the form to the right.

Watch this 30-minute session to hear from top Kafka experts who will show you how to easily create your own Kafka cluster and use out-of-the-box components like ksqlDB to rapidly develop event streaming applications. Learn how to:

  • Quickly deploy your Kafka cluster in Confluent Cloud with just a few clicks and elastically scale your event streaming workloads
  • Install and configure the Confluent Cloud CLI and Metrics API
  • Utilize Data Flow for visual workflow representations and Schema Registry to ensure ongoing data compatibility
  • Effortlessly connect your critical data sources and sinks to Kafka to build a complete data pipeline for your real-time apps
  • Easily process streaming data with a simple interactive SQL interface using fully-managed ksqlDB
  • Manage your account and costs with scale-to-zero pricing and usage-based billing

More about Getting Started with Stream Processing and Confluent Cloud

Join the workshop and explore how to:

  • Stand up clusters for stream ETL data processing
  • Connect with source systems and target systems using Connectors
  • Build your first streaming app on ksqlDB to build a data pipeline

This virtual guided workshop is perfect for those looking to get started with Confluent Cloud and build the foundation of your use case with our experienced engineers. Registration in advance is required and seating is limited.