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Confluent Terraform provider, Independent Network Lifecycle Management, and More

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The Confluent Q3 ‘22 Launch is full of new features to help businesses increase developer productivity and reduce operational costs tied to innovation. This quarter, you’ll find new features that enable automation of data streaming infrastructure management across the business—allowing you to set more data in motion while lowering your overall cost of Apache Kafka by up to 60%. This demo webinar will provide you with everything you need to get started with the latest updates to our cloud-native data streaming platform, Confluent Cloud.

In this demo webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Confluent Terraform provider Safely accelerate data streaming initiatives in the cloud with infrastructure management fully automated through code and integrated within continuous delivery workflows. Reduce infrastructure deployment challenges, increase developer productivity, and integrate Confluent deployments within existing cloud workflows on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Independent Network Lifecycle Management Manage private networks as a first-class resource with new provisioning APIs and multi-cluster use. Scale data streaming workloads independent of network connectivity, minimize operational burden, and securely accelerate deployment in the cloud
  • Flexible Topic Naming for Cluster Linking Simplify replication setup for organization-wide data sharing and aggregation with

mirror topic name prefixes. Plus, easily build a globally connected deployment with the new Cluster Linking GUI

  • And more new capabilities too…!

Get all the details on new features and more in the Confluent Q3 ‘22 Launch announcement blog post. The session airs on Tuesday, August 9th. Don’t miss out!

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Additional Resources

cc demo
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