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Get Started Using Kafka and MongoDB in the Cloud

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Pairing the best streaming platform with the best database enables you to handle the most demanding workloads such as massive IoT sensor ingestion, complex workflows like data migration and data pipelines such as those found in microservice applications. In this online talk we will deep dive into the pieces that provide you with a seamless point and click Kafka and MongoDB solution. First we’ll level set with an overview of the Confluent Cloud and MongoDB Atlas. This will follow with a look into the new MongoDB Atlas Connectors in Confluent Cloud. This talk includes demos and enough information to get your project started!


Jeff Bean

Jeff Bean is a Partner Solutions Architect at Confluent responsible for supporting Confluent partners through the Confluent Verified Integrations Program and evangelizing partner solutions that jointly benefit customers. His focus is on event Streaming (Kafka) and Stream Processing (KSQL, KStreams and Flink). Jeff's technical experience spans from software engineering to architecture roles with data integration, business intelligence, middleware, databases and app development.

Robert Walters

Robert Walters is the Product Manager for Connectors and “Things” at MongoDB. His areas of focus include technologies that support IoT enabled applications like Apache Kafka and Apache Spark. Robert previously worked as a solution architect helping customers design solutions that leverage the MongoDB data platform. Prior to MongoDB, Rob spent 17 years at Microsoft working in various roles, including program management on the SQL Server team, consulting, and technical presales. Rob has co-authored three patents for technologies used within SQL Server and was the lead author of several technical books on SQL Server. Rob is currently an active blogger on the MongoDB blog. When not thinking about MongoDB, Rob provides fire suppression and emergency medical care as an on-call firefighter and EMT for his local community.