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What's New in Confluent Platform 6.0

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Join the Confluent Product Marketing team as we provide an overview of Confluent Platform 6.0, which enhances Apache Kafka® with greater elasticity, improved cost-effectiveness, infinite data retention, and global availability.

Earlier this year, we launched Project Metamorphosis with the aim of transforming Apache Kafka and event streaming. Each month, we’ve announced a set of Confluent features organized around what we think are the key foundational traits of cloud-native data systems. Data systems built for the cloud are different in significant ways, and the experience of using these systems is simply much, much better. We want to bring that to people’s experience of Kafka, whether they use a fully managed service like Confluent Cloud or a self-managed software like Confluent Platform. Confluent Platform 6.0 delivers across all phases of Project Metamorphosis.

This session will cover all the key features of this latest release, including:

  • Elastic - Scale up Kafka to meet any streaming workload and scale it back down to avoid over-provisioning infrastructure using Self-Balancing Clusters and Tiered Storage
  • Cost Effective - Reduce your TCO of self-managing Kafka up to 40% with a smaller infrastructure footprint, reduced operational burden, and minimized downtime by leveraging Self-Balancing Clusters, Tiered Storage, and Admin REST APIs
  • Infinite - Transform Kafka into your central nervous system for all events by enabling infinite data retention with Tiered Storage and simplified stream processing with ksqlDB
  • Global - Easily deploy hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud Kafka clusters using Cluster Linking to allow your data to exist wherever your business needs it

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