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Streamsheets and Apache Kafka – Interactively build real-time Dashboards and Streaming Apps just using your Spreadsheet Skills

A powerful stream processing platform and an end-user friendly spreadsheet-interface, if this combination rings a bell, you should definitely attend our 'Streamsheets and Apache Kafka' webinar. While development is interactive with a web user interface, Streamsheets applications can run as mission-critical applications. They directly consume and produce event streams in Apache Kafka. One popular option is to run everything in the cloud leveraging the fully managed Confluent Cloud service on AWS, GCP or Azure. Without any coding or scripting, end-users leverage their existing spreadsheet skills to build customized streaming apps for analysis, dashboarding, condition monitoring or any kind of real-time pre-and post-processing of Kafka or KsqlDB streams and tables.

Hear Kai Waehner of Confluent and Kristian Raue of Cedalo on these topics:

• Where Apache Kafka and Streamsheets fit in the data ecosystem (Industrial IoT, Smart Energy, Clinical Applications, Finance Applications)
• Customer Story: How the Freiburg University Hospital uses Kafka and Streamsheets for dashboarding the utilization of clinical assets
• 15-Minutes Live Demonstration: Building a financial fraud detection dashboard based on Confluent Cloud, ksqlDB and Cedalo Cloud Streamsheets just using spreadsheet formulas.

Kai Waehner, Technology Evangelist, Confluent
Kristian Raue, Founder & Chief Technologist, cedalo

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