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Modernizing Your Hadoop Data Lake with Confluent Cloud and Google Cloud

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Apache Hadoop-based on-prem data lakes have created issues for IT professionals looking to increase agility and improve governance while managing costs. The rigid nature of on-prem data lake infrastructures, and the complexities of the ever changing Hadoop ecosystem, has caused organizations to accelerate their cloud journey to manage costs, reduce management overhead, and increase the speed of rolling out new services to their end users.

The good news is that the resources enterprises invested in training employees and building Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka pipelines aren’t wasted when you move to Google Cloud. You can easily bridge your on-prem solutions to Google Cloud using Confluent Cloud, a fully managed Apache Kafka service, together with Dataproc to help modernize your Data Lake. Join us and learn how you can migrate your on-prem Kafka and Spark code to a modern Google Cloud-based data lake using the open source software you know and love.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • The benefits of a cloud based data lake.
  • The challenges with on-prem Hadoop- and Spark-based data lakes.
  • The benefits of using Confluent Cloud in Google Cloud for event streaming
  • How Google Cloud and Confluent help accelerate data lake migrations


Josh Treichel

Partner Solutions Architect

Josh Treichel is a Partner Solutions Architect at Confluent. As a software engineer he’s spent over 10 years building, integrating and supporting complex systems. He previously worked on Confluent’s Customer Operations team supporting some of the largest Kafka/Confluent deployments in the world.

Jorge Geronimo

Cloud Customer Engineer

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