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Introducing Events and Stream Processing into Nationwide Building Society

Open Banking regulations compel the UK’s largest banks and building societies to enable their customers to share personal information with other regulated companies securely. At the same time, customers' demands are evolving, expecting seamless, real-time banking experiences. As a result, companies such as Nationwide Building Society are re-architecting their processes and infrastructure to achieve digital transformation. By leveraging an event-driven architecture and real-time data streams, they're able to meet modern customers' needs, stay ahead of technological innovation, while reducing the risks of losing relevance or their competitive edge.

In this online talk, you'll learn why Nationwide decided to take load off their back-end systems through real-time streaming data changes into Apache Kafka® to meet Open Banking regulations and rapidly increasing transaction volumes. You'll hear how Nationwide started their journey with Apache Kafka®, beginning with the initial use case of creating a real-time data cache using Change Data Capture, Confluent Platform, and Microservices.

Rob Jackson, Head of Application Architecture, will also cover how Confluent enabled Nationwide to build the stream processing backbone that is being used to re-engineer the entire banking experience including online banking, payment processing, and mortgage applications.

Watch now to learn how

  • Explore the technologies used by Nationwide to meet the challenges of Open Banking
  • Understand how Nationwide is using KSQL and Kafka Streams Framework to join topics for real-time data processing
  • Learn how Confluent Platform can enable enterprises such as Nationwide to embrace the event streaming paradigm
  • See a working demo of the Nationwide system and what happens when the underlying infrastructure breaks.


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