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Financial Event Sourcing at Enterprise Scale

Speakers: Vincent Oostindië, Business Architect Online at Rabobank | Jeroen van Disseldorp, Founder and Managing Partner at Axual

For years, Rabobank has been actively investing in becoming a real-time, event-driven bank. If you are familiar with banking processes, you will understand that this is not simple. Many banking processes are implemented as batch jobs on not-so-commodity hardware, meaning that any migration effort is immense.

Rabobank rose to this challenge and defined the Business Event Bus (BEB) as the place where business events from across the organisation are shared between applications. They chose Apache Kafka as the engine underneath this and wrote their own BEB client library to facilitate application developers with features like easy message producing/consuming and disaster recovery.

In this webcast, we will zoom in on the journey that Rabobank undertook, the challenges faced and how these were overcome. Finally, we will wrap up with a summary of where Rabobank is today and an outlook of things to come.

Watch this online talk on lessons learned and best practices in Rabobank’s journey to becoming a real-time, event-driven bank.

  • Find out how Rabobank redesigned Rabo Alerts while continuing to provide a robust and stable alert system for its existing user base
  • Learn how the project team managed to achieve a balance between the need to decentralise activity while not losing control
  • Understand how Rabobank re-invented a reliable service to meet modern customer expectations



Vincent Oostindië

The Online department consists of about 30 DevOps teams, that together create Rabobank's public websites, the secure websites and the mobile banking app. Vincent is responsible for the overall architecture of the Online channels.

Jeroen van Disseldorp

A Confluent-partner company in The Netherlands that specialises in real-time data solutions for enterprises based on Apache Kafka.