Building an Enterprise Eventing Framework

Building an Enterprise Eventing Framework

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Thursday, Sept. 12

10:00am PST / 1:00pm ET / 6:00pm BST

Learn how Centene improved their ability to interact and engage with healthcare providers in real time with MongoDB and Confluent Platform.

Centene is fundamentally modernizing its legacy monolithic systems to support distributed, real-time event-driven healthcare information processing. A key part of their architecture is the development of a universal eventing framework designed to accommodate transformation into an event-driven architecture (EDA).

The business requirements within Centene's claims adjudication domain were solved leveraging the Kafka Stream DSL, Confluent Platform and MongoDB. Most importantly, Centene discusses how they plan on leveraging this framework to change their culture from batch processing to real-time stream processing.


Bryan Zelle

Bryan Zelle, IT Manager, Centene

Scott L'Hommedieu

Scott L'Hommedieu, Sr. Product Manager, MongoDB

Sree Karuthody

Sree Karuthody, Sr. Manager, Technology Partnerships, Confluent

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