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More Information Regarding Confluent Data Collection

Last Updated: August 2021


Confluent uses beacons in ksqlDB to collect information about ksqlDB including the version, the duration and frequency of operation, the deployment mode (e.g., server, embedded, remote CLI, local CLI).  ksqlDB sends this data using an encrypted connection to Confluent servers every 24 hours.  When ksqlDB sends this data to Confluent servers it sends the IP address of our Customer along with this information.

The IP address is immediately pseudonymised using a hyperloglog algorithm before it is stored. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HyperLogLog. The resulting hyperloglog data is in a form that cannot be attributed to a specific Customer without the use of additional information. Confluent employs technical and organizational measures to prevent reconstituting of the IP address or reversal of pseudonymization that would allow attribution of the data to a specific individual, including not collecting or keeping separate any additional information that may be used for attribution.  Confluent stores the pseudonymized data for 2 years.

The resulting pseudonymised data is used by Confluent on behalf of its Customers to maintain and improve the ksqlDB product and inform users whether there are running the latest version of ksqlDB.

Customers may choose to disable transmission of this data to Confluent at any time by setting `confluent.support.metrics.enable=false` in the ksqlDB configuration and restarting ksqlDB. See the Confluent Enterprise documentation for further information.

Health+ (previously “Proactive Support”)

Health+ is a product available for Confluent Platform 6.0 and later that provides customers with intelligent alerts, monitoring dashboards, and an accelerated support experience for their Confluent Platform deployment. Health+ uses a Telemetry Reporter configured on each Confluent Platform service to regularly send telemetry data to Confluent servers for storage and aggregation. 

To enable Health+, the customer must enable the Confluent Telemetry Reporter on each Confluent Platform service they wish to receive alerts, dashboards, and accelerated support for. The Telemetry Reporter is not configured by default and must be set up to enable Health+ product features. The Telemetry Reporter may be disabled by removing the applicable configuration flags from the service. See our documentation for additional details on enabling and disabling the Confluent Telemetry Reporter

The Confluent Telemetry Reporter collects a defined set of telemetry metrics for each service it is configured for. Telemetry Report Metrics collected include information about the Kafka brokers including the version of Kafka, runtime performance metrics, the version of Confluent Platform, service hostname, a unique broker identifier, a unique topic identifier, and a unique Kafka cluster identifier. Please refer to a complete list of metrics collected in our Telemetry Reporter Metrics documentation along with the Confluent Platform version for which they are available. 

Telemetry Data associated with Health+ is transmitted to Confluent over HTTPS using an encrypted connection and stored for up to 2 years.